Friday, 27 July 2012

On your marks...get!

I have been a little internet absent the past few weeks, sometimes life stuff just happens and it all needs dealing with. Things kept popping up one after the other, lots of family visiting, interviews, relentless leaky roof, being screwed over by Comet…you know, the usual. BUT, it is nearly August, the weather has been much better this week and a huge sporting event is starting in my City today, so feeling much better about life in general. Although I think getting to work is going to be a bitch on Monday.
I have also seriously neglected my sewing the past few weeks and last night I thought enough is enough, I need to get back on track. For some motivation I looked at my previously made bags and had one of those 'these aren't good enough' moments and wondered what the hell I was doing. I'm hoping when I start sewing again it will all go back to normal…right?? Oh god.

To mark the Olympics starting today, oh you didn't know? look at these tea towels! They are a collaboration between Custhom and Anthropologie, I can't decide which one I like best, possibly the yellow diving one but then I'm a sucker for that lovely mustard shade.


  1. Leaky roof? I've been suffering with the same problem recently (bad landlord + British summer = rubbish).

    1. Yep, it has been horrible! Luckily our landlord has got it sorted - although we've had scaffolding up for nearly 8 weeks! Hoping it is sorted otherwise we're in for a very soggy winter...