Monday, 4 June 2012

Sew Inspiring #7

Its not often that something catches my eye enough to make me completely stop what I am doing and give 100% of my attention to. But when I came across miss lila mae's work, I let out a little gasp and put the TV on mute so I could sit and stare without being interrupted.

Her freeform embroidery is so beautiful I am finding it difficult to put into words. 

I love the colours she uses, they work so well together and really compliment each other, I feel myself getting so drawn in. 

Just look at those beautiful detailed flowers!

When I find someone producing work like this, it makes me want to be better and learn more - this is why I love embroidery so much, it has many talented people producing work this amazing. 
I don't know much about miss lila mae but you can look at her blog here and her flickr here