Monday, 18 June 2012

Public stitcher number 1

This weekend we took the train to the beautiful city of York to see two of our friends tie the knot. We had a lovely time catching up with old pals, we ate good food and danced the night away.

I wanted to show you these lovely framed cross stitch lyrics that were dotted around the room. The songs were played later on in the evening, what a nice idea!

I also wanted to mention that for the train journey I took some sewing that needed doing. This was the first time I had ever stitched in public so was feeling a bit nervous about it. I was hoping we would get our own little two seater area so I could sit next to the window and hide from peeping eyes but we ended up with a table reservation for the whole carriage to see!

Rightly so I had nothing to worry about, I stitched away quite happily for most of the journey and only once did anyone say something… One of the lovely old dears sat opposite me asked me what I was sewing and that she thinks its wonderful that someone of my age is doing embroidery. I asked if she stitched any more but she said not, although she used to and she misses it- Im really hoping she will pick up a needle and thread this week! So my first time public stitching was a very nice one indeed!
Do you regularly sew in public? I'd be interested to know if you have had any good/bad comments?

If you're interested in what I was sewing, it was one of the sea-scape bags I talked about here, having a stocked Etsy shop is getting closer…! 


  1. I live in New York City and I constantly see people knitting or doing embroidery on the subway! It always makes me smile, I don't know, I just think it's so lovely to see that people spend time on something pretty made with love.

    1. You're right Alexandra, its so good to see! Now I'm on the look out for public stitchers I've seen loads, a great conversation starter too! I can't believe I haven't done it sooner x