Wednesday, 18 April 2012

On top

Things have been pretty manic the last few days, we are in the process of moving house which is waaaay more stressful then I remember. Aren't landlords just the most awful human beings in the world!?
Anywaaaay, before I packed my sewing machine away I managed to tackle my first pattern, jeeeez louise, it was HARD!
I chose the Simplicity 8523 top, I would have preferred to try a simple dress but I got quite overwhelmed in John Lewis and after looking for a pattern for nearly an hour, I panicked and took the one first one I had seen an hour ago.

I made top A, I like a high neck and figured I might aswell attempt to put sleeves in (this was when I was feeling confident…tooooo confident some might say…)
The instructions were easy-ish to follow - especially for a complete beginner.
I got some very useful tips from the Coletterie blog - especially on how to finish seams and generally just do a better job at it then I would have done on my own.
And here it is...

Overall I am pleased with the top, I know some things could be better with it- like it is quite baggy around my stomach (sneaky hands on hip pose has disguised this) and after making the top, im not sure how I could alter it to be less baggy?
I just know that for next time I will cut the pattern a bit smaller.
Also, the sleeves confused the hell out of me, but I managed to attach them the right way round - im not 100% sure if I could do that again.
I would try making the pattern again but it has frazzled my brain so I may need a little break!

I only have one picture to show you as the weather has been miserable, my stuff is everywhere and I look like I have aged about 20 years in the past week. After I have moved I will take some more detailed shots of the sleeves and fastening. I just wanted to share my new make with you!

Oh, by the way...for this picture I wore the collar I mentioned in this post. Collars hide a lot of sins, I like collars.


  1. A cute top!
    Could you try taking it in a little bit at the side seams? or maybe improvising a little tuck or two at the waist...maybe a dart?
    Sometimes, when I have something very simply constructed, like this top, and I'm not super pleased with the fit, I just wear it in front of the mirror (or put it on the ol' dress form) and just try pinching it and tucking it different ways until I find something that works...

    1. Ooh thanks for the tip, I think I will put it on again and see just where it needs taking in, might try putting another dart in. Im still learning so every bit of help counts, thanks!