Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sew on and on

I have been a busy sewing bee.
I am proud to present my second handmade bag.

After the class at Oh Sew Brixton, I had a million ideas I wanted to try out, so the first chance I got I went and bought some calico and whipped up this little beauty. (whipped up is probably not the right word to use as it took me a whole weekend…)
I didn't think I could be any prouder then when I made my first bag but this nearly tipped me over the edge.

I went with a simple but crowd pleasing design of a variety of vegetables - which are all hand embroidered. After the lavender bags I made at Christmas, I am keen to keep practising hand embroidery, I find it so relaxing and rewarding - also its something worthwhile I can do whilst watching the tv and I certainly think adding that personal touch to a bag makes it much more special.
For this pattern I used split stitch, which I find covers a larger area in a shorter space of time - very useful for doing outlines.

I had to improvise a bit when making this bag, as I didn't have any template paper stuff (is there a special name for that?!) so instead I used Marks and Spencers christmas wrapping paper as it has a grid on the back to make sure the lines are perfectly straight (it doesn't have to be christmas paper...but I feel it gave it that extra specialness)
I used this for the template of the bag and also to draw the design on which could then be traced.

I also decided to line the bag to hide the messy back of the embroidered section (I am still learning...) with some red and white flower print fabric I got for £2 from a fabric shop in Peckham.
 I know that you're probably thinking that lining something on the first time I am to use a sewing machine on my own in years sounds like complete madness but trial and error is certainly the way forward.

After a haze of sewing machine fury I ended up with a proper bag! A bag that is hand embroidered and lined.
All with my own two hands!

Gosh! The world is my oyster.

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