Monday, 16 January 2012

Grin and thread it

Last week I grabbed the sewing bull by the horns and went to an introduction to sewing class at Oh Sew Brixton.
I figured that it would be best to get some professional advice before I start out as I really don't know where to begin.

The first half of the class covered most basics including how to thread a machine, a bit of practise of how to sew in a straight line (MUCH harder then you think) and info on the different types of stitches and their purposes.
I really enjoyed the class and with the 6 other girls I felt like we were all in it together and certainly didn't feel out of my depths.
I was hoping to get some pictures whilst I was there but focusing on the job at hand got the better of me.

After being taught the basics we put our new found skills to the test and made a basic shopper bag with an embellishment on and here is mine:


To say I am proud of this bag would be quite an understatement.
The stitching isn't too straight and the sewing on the embellishment could be much neater but you can't deny that it definitely is a bag!
Apparently the material I used for the body wasn't the best choice as it is quite floppy and wouldn't stay still when I was cutting it but I dived in head first and voila!
I certainly learnt a lot and came away feeling very inspired and eager to get started on my own crafty-ness.
To do list: get my sewing machine out, thread it and get practising.

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