Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sew Inspiring #5

This week I have started 3 different projects but haven't actually got anything to show for it...yet!
My table is looking a little bit messy...

By the end of the day I am hoping to have something finished to show you all but in the mean time here are some pieces that have caught my eye this week...

Inspiring embroidery by Amy from Nana Company
Picture from Nana Company

Personal home decoration with nail and yarn wall art by Jen from Jen Loves Kev

Picture from Jen Loves Kev

Delicate daisy stitching by Kim from big B

Picture from big B


  1. Awww, these are all so sweet looking :) I love the "Do small things with great love". Thanks for sharing these!

    1. Thanks Amber! I love the "Do small things with great love" too, its keeping me inspired this week! :)