Sunday, 18 March 2012

First skirt

So, its official. I have made my first item of clothing. OH YES.

A dark green cotton skirt with an elasticated waist band (learning how to put in a zip is on my to do list).

The skirt is a little bit on the short side as when I was cutting it I forgot to take into account the hem but teamed with a pair of tights it looks rather good.
I didn't use a pattern but 'Googled' elasticated skirt and pieced together all the useful tutorials out there.
I will definitely be making another one of these, they are so quick to make and look so good but next time I need to remember to make it a little bit longer, for my inner granny!
Also, I think I will try using different material as this creases like a bitch.

When making this skirt I certainly felt more confident using the sewing machine. I think understanding the movements of your machine and knowing when and where to start and stop is a huge part of successful sewing. Also, after inspecting the hems, they are pretty straight! Practise certainly makes perfect.

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