Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ding Ding, Round Two

I had another go at making the simple elasticated waist band skirt and I have to say, even though this is the ULTIMATE beginners project, I am very impressed with myself, again.

I ventured to Goldhawk Road after doing a little research on places to buy fabric and my gosh, was there a lot to choose from -a little over whelming as a newbie I have to say. Learning about the different types of fabrics (or gaining some kind of idea about what the hell I am sewing with) is something I intend on doing very soon... is definitely on my to do list anyway.

I bought this lovely green floral material for £3.50 a metre and some more calico to practise hand embroidery on.
I really love this floral print, it caught my eye as soon as I went in the shop. It is 100% cotton - I'm not sure if this is the most suitable material to be using but the print is so nice, I had to get it.

The skirt is longer and definitely has neater edges, I also found putting the elastic on much easier now I know what I am doing. I seemed to be much quicker in making it too and I can say that I am feeling more comfortable with my sewing machine - in terms of it is been shouted at less.
After wearing it to work for the first time I have already had a few people asking where I got it from. Nothing makes me prouder then saying 'I made it myself'.

This sewing stuff is alright.


  1. Super cute skirt and welcome to the infinitely amazing world of sewing your own shit!! Nothing like a "wow I love your skirt where's it from?" directed at something you made yourself to drive that inspiration on... and on!

    1. Ohh thanks! You're right, the more people that give my new skirt a compliment, the more I want to make. I just need to get practising.
      ...And what a wonderful world it is too!