Saturday, 1 September 2012

Back-stitch's back, alright!

Hello! I am back.

Summer is nearly over and Autumn is on the way, it is time to crack out the embroidery hoop once again.

I kicked the crafters block bum straight back where it came from and have been enjoying the summer with a mix of working and holidaying (spent caravanning in a very very wet and windy Cornwall).
It was nice to have a few weeks off from blogging and sewing, don't get me wrong I do love it but seen as though its all still pretty new to me I think I did too much too soon and got myself a little swamped with it all. Especially after reading so many amazing blogs, it all gets rather intimidating!
Funnily enough, when I was thinking about what I would say in this post, I came across this lovely post from Hank and Hunt. The ending is just what I needed to hear right now;

"Do whatever you do with all your heart. Do it as best as you can with what you can. Go gung ho and keep learning how to do it better. Once you do that, do it as often as you can. Be prolific. Do good work and do a lot of it. Do so much you get through your list of everything you could even think of to do, then do more. The more ideas you churn out, the more that pop into your mind. Keep going, pause if you have to, but get right back up there and go some more."
Anyway, less of me and back to the sewing. I have received two commissions for my bags (family members DO count!) One is to make 3 bags with 3 different designs to be given as Christmas presents to 3 completely different personalities *gulp*
The other is to make 2 bags to hold literacy and numeracy folders for a teachers assistant in an infant school (thanks ma!)

So, two completely different and fun projects to get me back into it.

Better get stitching.

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